Why You Need a Primary Care Doctor

You may have a medical condition of which you’re not aware.   Many people with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, HIV, cancer, or other diseases are not aware they have them.   Routine physical exams and a relationship with a primary doctor who will ensure that you have the proper screening tests can lead to early detection of disease when it is more treatable.

A primary care doctor will make sure that you have had all the vaccinations you need to prevent infectious diseases like hepatitis, tetanus, measles, etc.

If you become acutely ill, you develop appendicitis, get into a car accident, need back surgery, etc. a primary care doctor has relationships with hospitals, emergency rooms, and specialist physicians and surgeons, and will facilitate and coordinate the care you will need in an emergency.

If you develop a less severe acute illness, like strep throat, influenza, or a sprained ankle, a primary care doctor will see you the same day or arrange treatment over the phone, saving you from waiting hours and spending much more out-of-pocket than you would in an emergency room or urgent care clinic.