Travel Medicine Services

Dr. McNiff also offers travel medicine services.  He has a master’s degree in tropical medicine and parasitolgy from Tulane University, the first university in the country to offer such a program, formally established in 1912.  The university had had a long history of research and treatment of tropical disease, and  in 1836, John Ridell,  a Tulane professor discovered that Yellow Fever, which had plagued the tropical United States for decades, was transmitted by insects to humans.  His master’s thesis concerned the diagnosis of two parasites that are prevalent in the developing world and also fairly prevalent in the United States and other more developed countries, giardia, and cryptosporosis.

In addition to his formal education in disease uncommon in developed countries, he has practiced in the Caribbean and Mexico, where he has treated patients with maladies like malaria, dengue fever, and amebic dysentery.  He completed his residency training in Miami, where he often treated patients returning from trips where they were infected with similar illnesses.

For those about to travel to an area where malaria prophylaxis, yellow fever vaccination, Japanese equine encephalitis vaccine, or other country-specific medical considerations need to be evaluated, he is available for pre-travel consultation.  Dr. McNiff recommends that patients see him at least 4-6 weeks before travel, because some immunizations need to be given well in advance of travel.

For travelers returning from excursions from less-developed parts of the world and who are ill, he is particularly well qualified to diagnose illness that may have been acquired abroad, while also understanding that most post-travel illnesses are not travel-related.


Services offered

Pre-travel evaluation, and destination specific recommendations, administration of appropriate vaccines, prescriptions for malaria prevention and for treatment of potential common illnesses that can be acquired abroad, as well as education about the non-pharmaceutical precautions of which those embarking on travel abroad should be aware.  Most travel-related injuries are not caused by exotic illness, but by violence, exacerbation of pre-existing medical conditions, or accidents.

Vaccinations are an important part of travel to exotic locales, but education is probably more important.

  Dr. McNiff will also register you with the U.S. State Department in case there is a natural disaster or political situation that makes your evacuation necessary

Post-travel evaluation of illness.  While most post-travel illnesses are not related to travel, occasionally people return from less-developed countries with infectious diseases or ailments related to the environment in which they traveled.  His education and training make him particularly adept at making that distinction and his affiliation with NYU Medical Center allows him to rapidly refer patients who are suffering from life-threatening tropical disease to the appropriate care they need.
– Most travel-related medical services are not covered by insurance.  Dr. McNiff strives to offer these services at a reasonable price and with exceptional customer service.

Unlike many travel medicine clinics staffed by nurse-practitioners and physician assistants, Dr. McNiff is solely responsible for evaluating your pre-travel risk of travel-related illness, and has extensive experience in diagnosing post-travel illnesses.


Vaccine Price List

Hepatitis A – $125

Japanese Encephalitis – $350/ dose

Meningitis – $200

Tetanus (TDAP) – $75

Typhoid – $125

Yellow Fever – $225