About Dr. McNiff and the Practice

ToddI am a board-certified primary care internist. I strive to take time to genuinely listen to patients in a non-judgmental way, and develop a plan for health maintenance and treatment of medical problems in collaboration with them. When patients have an illness, I take time to explain what is going on and what the possible interventions are. I present a variety of options and help patients decide which would be best for them, taking into account their preferences, lifestyle, and philosophy. I utilize email to allow my patients better access to me. I am humbled, appreciative, and respectful of the trust patients place in me. I am a clinical faculty member at NYU Medical School and an attending physician at Beth Israel Hospital and NYU Medical Center.

The newly renovated office is within blocks of the Astor Place Subway stop on the 6 train, the 8th Street stop on the N and R train, and the Broadway Lafayette stop on multiple trains.



Dr. McNiff’s Education, Training, and Work Experience


Wesleyan_logo I graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in molecular biology and biochemistry.  While there I did research in molecular biology which has served me well in understanding the increasingly complex advances in HIV, cancer, and infectious diseases.
www.tulane After Wesleyan I worked at a clinic for homeless adolescents in Los Angeles, and my desire to go to medical school was cemented.  So, I moved to New Orleans to attend Tulane’s School of Public Health where I earned a master’s degree in Tropical Medicine and Parasitology.
ross-university-st-kitts-logo-05 I attended medical school in the Caribbean. It was not my first choice, but I wanted to be a physician more than I cared about where I studied. It turned out to be a great experience. The professors were mainly retired professors from U.S. medical schools who were there because they loved teaching, not doing research. One learns very astute physical examination skills when taught by doctors who practice without CAT scanners or other high-tech equipment, I completed the second two years of school at hospitals in New York, working along side medical students from NYU, Cornell, and SUNY Brooklyn.
mount-sinai-medical-center I completed my residency in internal medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Miami Medical Center. I practiced for two years in an HIV-oriented internal medicine practice where I participated in several HIV clinical trials. I then left practice to work at Pfizer doing HIV drug development. After 4 years in the pharmaceutical industry, I realized how much I missed treating patients, so a year ago I started my own practice.
droppedImage While my focus is on treating patients, I have participated in several research programs, both while I was in practice and while I was working at Pfizer. Over those years, I participated in the publication of several articles and authored two papers, one in The New England Journal of Medicine and the other in The AIDS Reader.
NYULMC_SOM_V I am affiliated with NYU Medical Center, and have admitting privileges at Tisch Hospital. I also work once a week at Tisch, treating hospitalized patients and teaching residents. I am a clinical instructor of medicine at NYU Medical School.
Beth-Israel While my primary hospital affiliation is with NYU, I also hold privileges at Beth Israel Medical Center.