About Mohawk Village Medical

Dr. McNiff opened his solo practice in 2009, while working out of multi-physician office on W 14 th St.  He then began seeing patients at our current office in 2011. Dr. Godwin joined the practice in 2013, which prompted the renaming of our office/ medical group.

Our name is an homage to an umbrella of businesses owned and run by Dr. McNiff’s father in Shirley, Massachusetts. There was the infamous Mohawk Club (where many established acts performed from the 1950’s through the 1980’s), Mohawk Village Apartments, Mohawk Village Motors, and the Mohawk Gift Shop.

I once saw a man come into McNiff’s office looking for a horse trailer. Stan got on the phone and within half an hour he had found the horse trailer for the old man. Stan made no profit or commission from finding what the man was looking for. McNiff’s office was a bit of an old fashioned general store where locals felt free to come, sit, have a cup of coffee and converse – while the employees of McNiff’s numerous businesses worked around them to get their tasks accomplished.   McNiff was an eccentric.  He was also brilliant and was a self made man.  Everyone who ever met him has a story about Stanley McNiff.   May he rest in peace.
(source: http://www.boudillion.com/road/roadside.htm)

Those same values are shared by Dr. McNiff and our staff.

Our name is also applicable/ fits our practice for other reasons.   The “Village,” is a reference to our location in the heart of Greenwich Village, and the, “Mohawk,” references our proximity to St. Marks Place, which was the epicenter of the 1970’s/80’s punk rock movement in the United States.   Dr. McNiff fondly remembers his sister taking him for a haircut at Astor Place when he was 12 during a trip to Manhattan, and seeing all of the local teenagers and young adults with mohawks.

We strive to do things completely differently than what is typically expected of other practices (long waits, difficulty booking same day appointments, rude staff, etc.), and always go above and beyond to serve our patients’ needs. The, “Mohawk,” affirms our stance on changing the perception of Primary Care Medicine. We perform all blood draws on site so that our patients don’t have to go to an external lab, and this also allows us to receive all lab results as soon as they are finalized through our interface.   The same day final test results are ready, they are sent to you through our Patient Portal. We are also in the process of achieving Patient Centered Medical Home accreditation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical_home), which takes these values even further.